Eurodata TV Worldwide and TAPE Consultancy invite you to their New On The Air conference.

Get exclusive insights into TV & digital content trends and viewing behaviours at our second Los Angeles edition of the New on the Air conference.

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Attendance by invitation only. Due to the limited number of places, prior registration is required.

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About us:

Eurodata TV and TAPE Consultancy provide Worldwide Content and Audience Insights for global media professionnals in the media and television industries.

Eurodata TV Worldwide is the specialist of international TV markets and unique provider of official TV ratings of 7000+ channels in more than 110 territories and insight analyses based on a global expertise. Eurodata TV Worldwide tracks and monitors the latest TV and online contents in 50 territories.

TAPE Consultancy is a leading, London based consultancy company providing qualitative content research and audience-based insights. The experience they have gained over more than 40 years in business – in which they have worked with clients across all continents – puts them in a unique position to help media businesses make informed choices.